Thursday, 7 November 2013

Favourite fragrance of the week #1

Hello my little sparkles,

So here is my first proper post on my blog and I thought that I would do my first favourite fragrance of the week.

I love a quite a variety of perfumes and I like wear different perfumes to suit my mood. I've accumulated quite a collection of perfumes and love to use all of them so they don't get wasted. So in my weekly favourite fragrances of the week, you'll see many different types of perfumes including woody, spicy, floral, sweet, fruity and many more! 

So this week I've been enjoying Guerlain's perfume Shalimar. 

This perfume smells very floral on me but more of a warm floral. The hint of the vanilla and tonka bean makes it slightly more richer and a deeper scent. I loved wearing this perfume this week because it had the right notes in it for my mood which was the vanilla, rose and jasmine notes.

This perfume is a good quality fragrance which I brought for around £40 and it lasts on my skin for as long as 6 hours +. 

Yvette x

Hope you all enjoyed reading this and follow me for many more posts to come! 


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